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Computerartist, Vigilante, Qo, Noizesplitter, The Audio Killers, Absu, Mind Theory, Prdk, Mellifera



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Computerartist & Qo ft. Vigilante -- Spread the Fire REMIXES


Rough dust covers the inside of your mouth. Try to clean it, spit it out, great, now it sticks to the bottom of your tongue as well. Blazing sun, harsh heat, only rocks and sand as far as the eye can see. From a faint echo, the sound of engines under load, to slow down would sabotage the cooling circuits strained by working too hard already. It is the sequel to Spread the Fire by Computerartist & Qo ft. Vigilante, a rough patch of warriors roaming the unforgiving desert. Now it seems they found some allies and their gang has grown.


Noizesplitter, head honcho of Switzerland-based Drum & Bass label Sine Function Music and the winner of the DJ contest, at first appears to keep the violent energy of of the original track with a clearer bassline and more straightforward approach without longs intros or intermissions, brings however a massive half time breakdown instead of the second drop.


Dutch trio The Audio Killers aim for a similarly low key approach just as Noizesplitter did: the first drop doesn't deviate from the original too far, but eventually dissolves into soothing tones and lightweight beat in contrast with the ever present heavy guitar riffs. After evolving into a rather technical sound getting richer and richer with breakbeats, The Audio Killers show how many ideas three heads can come up with, while still keeping consistent quality.


Absu is 1/3 of Notequal, a Slovakian project quickly gaining respect among the new wave dnb generation. Absu chose to forgo the aggresivness of the original track and instead went for a deeper sound with a strict beat leading a sub-heavy, unrelenting bass with Vigilante's vocal on top, layered almost like a voice over.


Yet another group of Dutch producers landed on the remix EP -- the Mind Theory duo went for a longer track focused on evolving themes, slowly fading from one to another. Quite unlike Prdk from Prague, who instead smashed with the hardest hitting version of Spread the Fire yet.


The remix EP closes with Mellifera, the only female of the bunch, with a deep sound that still successfully carries its weight, sonic elements fading to and from space and the vocal reolaced with one as coming to you through a thick glass wall covered by slime slowly oozing to the ground.


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