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HBM029 Computerartist - Solitude


In the fourth addition to his eagerly awaited new EP, Computerartist seems to be breaking under pressure... Starting full of strength with Crank It Up and Iridescent ft. Embr, the ever returning (or never ending?) lockdowns were hardly good for him as the next single brought him and Kryptomedic a heavy Downfall. Abandoned by all his peers Computerartist now dwells in Solitude...


Seems unlikely? Because it is. Against all odds Computerartist keeps his wits and fights this dreadful feeling with courage and most of all -- pure dancefloor vibes. Quiet intro is broken with a heavy kick and it is clear to all but the most oblivious where this song is headed. Bass rises in pitch, kicks repeat in quick succession until the drop hits the squad. No time to feel alone, no sense to dwell on old memories or focus on new dreads, there is only one way forward and that is to enjoy the present.


A stable line connects all of the last four singles -- the artworks done by Hoofbeats' resident artist (and a dj & producer himself) Shmidoo. Only four panels of a comic book style story rather heard than seen depict an artist and his trusty gaming guitar -- because seriously, who wants to cut their fingers on actual strings nowadays -- as he collects strength for a powerful outburst, gives it all and then prepares for the inevitable retribution. Even gaming controllers can hurt your fingers, even virtual emotions can drain you, the line between the real and simulated has been blurred and we are standing on the edge of a new paradigm. As our world turns digital and LED screens become portals connecting us to friends, relationships, work and play alike, Computerartist rides the compressed and quantized waves of emotion through virtual space and beyond into the surreal.


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